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    Most consumers rely on some type of financing at some point in their lives. When they need to buy a car, pay for school tuition, upgrade their homes, or purchase other necessities for their lives, they often take out loans. Two main types of loans exist: secured and unsecured. An unsecured loan may be more of a challenge for people to obtain. However, people who have good credit, solid employment, and reliable living situations may qualify for this type of financing. In seeking an unsecured loan, people may ask the following:

    Q. What are some basic requirements for the approval process for an unsecured loan?

    A. Most lenders require that applicants meet several basic criteria. A person generally should be 18 years of age, be employed or have a stable source of income every month. That person also may be required to have a credit score of 600 or better. People who have higher credit scores usually pay their bills on time and have fewer defaulted accounts on their credit reports. Lenders like to see this type of financial behavior before they approve someone for an unsecured loan.

    Q. What kind of interest rate could I be charged on my loan?

    A. As with the approval process, a person’s credit score goes a long way in determining what kind of interest rate his or her loan will carry. Most lenders award low interest rates to people who have high credit scores. If a person has a lower score, that individual may pay substantially more in interest. For that reason, people are advised to maintain a high credit rating if they would like to be considered for this type of financing.

    Q. Will I be required to put up some type of collateral?

    A. By definition, this type of loan does not require that people put up any collateral. Most applicants are entrusted to make their payments on time each month without fear of their house, car, or other assets being seized. An unsecured loan also might be discharged in a bankruptcy in most cases without these possessions being taken away from the loan’s holder. However, a person should refer to his or her agreement with the lender about the specific consequences of what would happen in case that person defaults on payments. Even so, these loans are generally reserved for people who have proven to be financially responsible. Their responsibility does not require that they put up collateral for their financing.

    Q. What can I use my loan for after I am approved?

    A. In most cases, people are free to use their money for whatever they wish. Many people use their money for home improvements, buying a car, paying for their college tuition, or paying medical bills. Some people like to keep the money in their savings accounts as extra money in case of an emergency. Most lenders do not care for what clients use these funds as long as they make their payments on time each month.
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    With that, people who are in need of money for such purposes may apply for an unsecured loan. These loans benefit a variety of individuals, including those who need to buy a car, upgrade their homes, or pay for their college tuitions and books. They are not required to use collateral.
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